Show Information

adf junior show has been postponed until July. We have informed all parents by email. All our thoughts are with the staff and management of the Regis Centre. It’s a horrible time for us all, be kind everyone, we will all get through this somehow.

Junior Show 2020

It started with a Dream

Tickets are available now from the Alexandra Theatre

Show dates are Thursday 2nd April, Friday 3rd April and Saturday 4th April. The evening performances start at 6.00pm with a matinee performance on Saturday 4th April at 1.00pm (4 performances in total).

Tickets are available from the theatre box office on 01243 861010 and online at  £11.00 for adults and £10.00 for children 12 years and under.


Please find attached running order. This will indicate where your child’s routine will be in the show and when your child is required for rehearsal etc.

We will be at THE ALEXANDRA THEATRE, REGIS CENTRE, BOGNOR REGIS for all rehearsals and performances from Sunday 29th March.>

On arrival at the theatre please enter the auditorium and go to your designated coloured flag. The flag will correspond with the dressing room lists which will be posted around the school very shortly.


Timings are listed in the box below. During rehearsals (not dress) only Pre-Primary children may go home after their number has been rehearsed; This does not apply to children who are also in a primary class and are needed for rehearsal later in the show. Parents may wait with them in the auditorium.

ALL CHILDREN MUST SIGN IN AND OUT WITH CHAPERONES IN THE AUDITORIUM ON SUNDAY MONDAY and TUESDAY REHEARSALS. No costumes are required until dress rehearsal on the Wednesday. The children in the first act only may go home at the interval.

On WEDNESDAY dress rehearsal and all performances the children in the opening number ‘under the sea’ may go home after they have completed their dance if in no other numbers. Parents are NOT permitted backstage unless they are a registered helper.

Sunday 29th March:

9.30 to 11.00 – Act one no’s 1 to 6

11am to 12.30 pm – Act one no’s 7 to 13

All children in both acts must be collected for an hour lunch break

1.30pm to 2.30pm – Finale children (2nd half plus invited from 1st half)

2.30 to 4pm – Act two no’s 14 to 18
4pm to 5.30pm – Act two no’s 19 to 23   

Monday 30th March:

4.00 to 6.30pm –all first half cast (Pre Primary may leave after their dance)

Tuesday 31st March :

4.00 to 4.30 pm –Finale

4.30 – 6.30pm all second half cast

Wednesday 1st April :


4.30 to 6.00 pm – all first half cast 

Children sign in at the auditorium and will be collected from the stage door unless they are in studio 2 or 3 who will sign out from there. 

5.45 to 7.15 pm – all second half cast.

Children sign in studio 3 and out from the stage door.

The studio 2 and 3 are be found at the front of the theatre by the main door.

During show week only classes that are not involved in the show will be continuing at adf.


The safety and welfare of the children is our prime concern, therefore, we have put in place procedures to keep them safe. ALL children must be signed in and out of every performance and rehearsal. Please may we ask for your cooperation and patience, as this will of course make the procedure of arrival and departure longer. We will not tolerate any abuse towards our chaperones.

NB: We are estimating the pick up times because until we run the show for the first time we cannot be accurate of the running times.


Please arrive 45 mins before curtain up (in first costume) hair and makeup done and go to the theatre auditorium to find your group leader who will take you to your dressing room. Lists will be posted around the school within the next two weeks. You may collect your children from the stage door, studio 2 or 3  at approx. 8.00pm evenings and 3.00pm matinee performance. The stage door can be found adjacent to the public car park.

FINALE – All children in the second half are expected to be in the finale and older children from the first half will be invited to stay. Please see running order below.


Please arrive 45 mins before curtain up (in first costume) hair and makeup done and go to the theatre auditorium to find your group leader/chaperone who will take you to your dressing room. There will be dressing room lists up around the school within the next two weeks. You may be collected at the show interval (approx. 45 mins after curtain up) from the Stage door, studio 2 or 3.


Please arrive at the studio 3 by 6.00 on evening performances and 1.00 for the matinee (in first costume) hair and makeup done where you will be taken to your dressing rooms. Dressing room lists will be up around the school within the next two weeks. You may be collected from the stage door,studio2 or approx. 8.00pm evenings and 3.00pm matinee performance.



Please arrive at the theatre with hair and make- up done.

Make-up and costumes are only required from the dress rehearsal onwards.


All hair should be in neat bun (NO doughnuts or fringes please)

Here is a hair tutorial minus the ribbon, please.


We would ask that children wear a foundation one tone darker than skin tone with a pink or red/ blusher. We ask that the lipstick be bright (reds tones are best) Please use brown eye shadow and mascara.

This is a good tutorial


Food and drink may not be consumed in the auditorium but we ask all students to bring water and snacks etc. when appropriate, with them, as the café may not be open. There will be designated areas to eat and drink.


We are in the process of fitting and buying costumes and will invoice you asap. Please pay online or by debit card or cash.  Account no.30152471 sort code:20-20-62. As a reference please put ‘COSTUME’ and your child’s name so that we know who has paid.

Payment must be received by Friday 14th February. No costumes will be handed out without payment.


Order forms for DVD of the show (filmed on sat matinee and sat evening show) will be available nearer the show.


Anna will, as usual, be taking photographs on the dress rehearsal, more info to follow.


If you are a licenced chaperone and would be able to help during rehearsals and/or shows please contact the office, with dates you will be available. There will be a chaperone/helpers meeting on Wednesday 4th March 6.45pm and would appreciate it if you would save the date.

If you would like to become a chaperone please can you follow this link to apply, we would be very appreciative, this link also applies for renewing your licence.

We have many parents who have never experienced a show at adf. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any queries and we have many experienced mums and dads who would be happy to have a chat!


Act 1

1 – Under the sea – pre- primary ballet mon/wed.

2 – Opportunity – grade 1 ballet mon 4.45

3 – Where the lost things go – primary ballet tue 4pm

4 – Once upon a December – grade 1 ballet tue 4pm

5 – There was a mouse. primary tap thur 4pm

6 – Spice up your life – sat am group 1&2

7 – Let’s get loud – Street jazz 1 fri 4.45pm

8 – Better – primary modern fri 5pm

9 – Can’t help falling in love – jnr singing wed 5.15 sat am group 1

10 – OMI – jnr street jazz fri 4pm

11 – Solo song Eve Carruthers

12 – March of the cards – pre- primary tap mon 4pm

13 – Alice in wonderland adf festival group


14 – Spirit – acro fri 1,2,3

15 – Anything can happen – primary ballet tue 4.30pm

16 – Cop’s and robber’s – grade 1 tap thur 4.30pm

17 – When I’m older – grade 1 ballet mon 4pm

18 – Circus top – grade 1 ballet wed 4.30pm

19 – High school musical – sat am groups 2 & 3

20 – fireworks – grade 1 modern wed 5.15pm

21 – Lost boy’s – grade 1 ballet wed 4pm

22 – Solo song – Isabella Reynolds

23 – Friend like me – Grade 2 mod mon 5.30pm

24 – Finale 

The first act numbers coloured red are invited to stay for the finale.

‘Under the sea’

These children are still very young so will be performing in only 2 of the shows.

 Monday pre primary class at 4.30pm will be performing in Friday and Saturday evening shows.  

Wednesday pre primary at 4pm will be performing in Thursday and Saturday matinee. 

Both of the performances on Saturday will be filmed.

The children will be doing all 4 performances because of commitments to other show numbers. but please consult your email documents for which children this will affect. Data compliance laws mean we can’t post this information online.