Frequently asked questions

What should my child wear for their first trial lesson?

We want the children to feel comfortable. Leggings/tracksuit bottoms. t shirt and bare feet. If your child has a leotard that will also be fine.

How do I register with art of dance & fitness?

If you follow the enrol tab on our website it will take you to our enrolment form which will then be sent to us to process and then we can send you further information from there.

Are all your teachers DBS checked?

Yes we make sure that all our teachers have an enhanced DBS check, and we have full insurances in place for all teachers.

Do you follow an examination board and will my child have to take exams?

For our Ballet, modern and tap classes we follow the ISTD dance syllabus, which is a highly recognised association. It is not compulsory for all students to take exams and all children will move up to the next level with their friends irrespective of if they are or not taking exams, though exams are a lovely recognition of what the children have achieved.

Do you do classes that are not exam based?

Yes all of our Jazz, street dance, contemporary and singing are non exam classes, and of course the pre school classes are non exam.

Is there a uniform code at art of dance & fitness?

We do have a set uniform for all classes other than street jazz. We feel that the uniform brings the children together as a group with no distractions. All our uniform is sold through our website, with pictures and guides for each class, just follow uniform shop.

Do I watch my child's lesson?

Not every week. Parents, grandparents, siblings and other close relatives are welcome to view the childrens’ progress on the last lesson of each term.

Do you follow school term dates?

Yes. As closely as possible the school’s calendar follows school term dates but we run 12 week terms. We do take half term breaks to ensure the children have the opportunity to rest. Please refer to the class timetable for more details.

How are your fees charged? Can I pay on a weekly basis?

After your first free lesson, new children joining the school will be invoiced for the rest of the term, the fees are payable each term in advance, though we do have the facility of paying your fees monthly.

May my child join the school at any time during the term, or must I wait until a new term commences to register?

Children may register at the dance school at any time during the term and fees for that term will be adjusted accordingly. We do not want children to have to wait what could be several weeks before joining us.

From what age are children allowed to join the school?

For our Pre school programme we take children from 3 years old.

Does my child have to bring food or drink?

Please make sure your child brings a drink with them for refreshment during the class – preferably water and definitely not fizzy. We don’t have time for snack breaks as the classes are jam-packed with dance and exciting activities so please make sure your child has eaten beforehand and has lots of energy!

Saturday theatre school may bring a snack

Is there anywhere to wait whilst my child is in their lesson?

Because of covid 19, we have not been letting parents into the building to try and minimise the risk of spreading the virus. We feel currently it is sensible to carry on doing this to try and keep everyone safe and minimise the spread on covid 19.