Children’s Prospectus


(ISTD Grade & Vocational Exams)

It is a theatrical performance that uses the combined effects of dance, mime, and music – it is the foundation of all dance disciplines.

Students are accepted from the age of 3 years.


Popular form of dance. Tends to utilise both the strong and controlled leg work of Ballet and Modern.

Children are acccepted from 10 years 


Dance – Class, Grade and Major exams are taken using the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) Examination Board in Ballet, Modern and Tap.

Our principal aim is for the students to enjoy their classes and therefore Examinations are not compulsory.


(ISTD grade and vocational exams)

Is a style of dance movement which is modern based, working to rhythms which the student learns to beat with their feet. Loads of fun and plenty of noise!!

Students are accepted from the age of 5 years.


Private LAMDA classes are available.

– Inspiring individuals
– Communication skill
– Increases self confidence
– Develops social and life skills
– No experience necessary

Students are accepted from the age of 6 years.


(ISTD Grade and vocational Exams)

Is a stylised modern day form of dance – it works on limbering parts of the body and concentrates on rhythm and spacial awareness.

Students are accepted from the age of 5 years


A show is staged every 2 years a the local theatre in which every student is invited to participate., giving them the experience and enjoyment of performing to a live audience.


Based on strong warm up. This is a totally unset class using the latest dance routines and music. This form of dance is very popular with all ages, boys and girls.

Students are accepted from the age of 5 years.

Musical Theatre Mornings

Taking extracts from musicals students are coached in the staging , performance and singing of these pieces. The morning is broken into three separate sessions – dance, drama and combined musical theatre.

Classes will be grouped into:-

Juniors: 5-8 years

Middlies: 9-11 years

Seniors: 11 years and over